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Serving Royalty Blog Tour

Good Morning everyone! Welcome to Summer's Point:) Today we are thrilled to welcome Ana Reese as she continues her blog tour. Without further ado, here is Ana!

Serving Royalty Blog Tour – Being Bossed Around by Your Own Characters

Hello all! First off, huge thanks to Summer Michaels for letting me babble over here today about my first publication, Serving Royalty- Through the Door, the first in a trilogy about a young nobleman, Jonas Hall, forced into servitude and prostitution and finds himself at the center of a rather dangerous royal scandal.

I’ve heard several times that there are writers who plan it and those who pants it. I am a planner. Trouble is, things don’t always go according to said plan. Take trying to give Jonas a man he could fall in love with.
When it comes to writing characters the reader will fall head over heels for, it’s a hit or miss. Because everyone has different things they are attracted to, so for myself, I have to put out of my mind what kind of person I would like. Now, my intended person may or may not be Jonas’ ‘type’. His original love interest turned out a bit … differently than I’d expected. And thankfully Noel, our scheming prince of Cor, was there to step in. These are the sorts of things that don’t always show up until after I start writing.

I like to think that outlining/scripting is my strong point. It let’s me quickly work my way through most, if not all, of the story and I can plan chapters, even estimate the length. Until it bites me in the ass and Jonas decides that ‘no I don’t like that man, he’s an idiot. Now, that guy over there? He’s hot.’ And before I know it Jonas is pissing off the wrong people and accidentally seducing someone else. My husband always thinks I sound a bit mad when I start going off about how certain characters won’t do like I want.

“They’re your characters, write them how you want to.”

“But that’s not how it WORKS!”


We are their story tellers. Sometimes I get reminded of that when I hit a groove and am typing along, then BAM! Things are said or done that weren’t in the first outline. All I can do is go along with it, and thankfully, this love interest issue that came up made everything else come together much better than in the original plan.


"Who is that?"

"Walters is the biggest pain in my ass, and a creepy little man to boot. But, he knows his young fellows like nothing else. Takin' into account his past choices, you'll be snapped up by him right quick."

"Doing what exactly?"

The chef's face closed off quickly, and she took a slow step towards Jonas. "Would it matter? You're looking for good paying work, you'll have it. One o'the hardest jobs here too. Not that you'll get any real respect for it."

Jonas stared down into her beady dark blue eyes, his stomach playing host to a flurry of butterflies. "I can't leave. I need something."

"Anything will do?"

He hesitated, but nodded in grudging acceptance. "Yes."


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Thank you all for stopping by! Thanks again to Summer for having me!


Thank you so  much Ana for stopping by! Good luck with the rest of the blog tour and congratulations on your latest release!

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Summer Michaels


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