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Bell Jar Memories

Aidan Matthews is the editor and chief of Anchor Publishing. After leaving his Kentucky home thirteen years ago, a phone call will bring him back home to face his fears, family, and a former flame. Aidan has kept a wall around himself to keep others out. After a visit to an S&M bar, Aidan finds himself drawn to the BDSM lifestyle. Can the control and power he envies in the Dom's help him put his life back in order?

Warning: This story is for adults only. There is explicit sex scenes and adult language.

A Father's Love

Adam Dunn is starting his life over. After ending his twenty-two year marriage, he finds the love of his life. Their relationship is like nothing he has ever felt before. He has a loving, supportive partner for the first time in almost forty years. Their relationship is tested when Adam's son Drew is a horrible car accident. Will Adam finally be able to blend his former life with his present? 

Substitute Heart

Let's think of the future. Forget the past. You're not my first love. But you're my last. Sometimes a love from the past needs visit to help you see the future. This year, Travis has been given a Christmas gift he will never forget!

Submitted!! 8-30-12

Love's True North

When Landon and Beau's father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's after the death of their mother, the brothers developed a horse riding program to aid their father's memory. The program has branched out to kids with disabilities, bringing Molly and Colt Turner to True North Farms. Landon and Colt don't see eye to eye from the first moment they met. The attraction between them is undeniable, but can the stubborn men put aside their difference and let the other in?