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T.T. Kove Blog Tour and Giveaway!

Today I would like to welcome, T.T. Kove as she makes a stop on her Blog Tour! T. T. Kove is the author of Winter LoveVixen, and Desert Fire

In Winter Love, Armas made his exit by leaving for Japan, so naturally that’s where he is when Sakura Kiss begins. I, as an author, has always been interested in Asia, and Japan in particular. It’s a very foreign place to me, but one that I would very much like to visit one day.

Setting the book in Japan required a lot of research, as I’ve never been to Japan before. Never been to Asia, period. The Japanese culture is quite different from what I’ve used to as a Scandinavian, and I hope some of the differences between the two cultures shows in the book.

This is not a book about different cultures though, but rather a book about starting over in an entirely new, foreign location. Armas’ decision to move to Japan didn’t stem from his interest in the country, because he frankly didn’t have any previous interest in it at all. All Armas wanted was to get far away from Helsinki, Finland, and taking a job offer halfway around the world achieved that. 

*** THE BOOK ***

Sakura Kiss

Memories of a brutal attack have left Armas afraid—of people, of intimacy, of admitting his sexuality. But shortly after arriving in Tokyo on business, he ventures out for a drink … and wakes up in the morning in a strange hotel room after a night he can only vaguely remember, though all his memories are surprisingly sweet. In a panic he flees, determined to leave the whole night behind him and get back to a life that is comfortable, familiar. His plans are ruined when his one night stand proves to be the CEO of the company that has brought him to Tokyo, and a man determined to help Armas overcome the dark in which he's living.

You can purchase Sakura Kiss at Less Than Three Press!

***EXCERPT ***
Armas' eyes shot wide open and he sat up in bed with a start. "Ohh!" He gasped as pain shot up the small of his back and through his head, and he doubled over on his side for a moment to wait for it to subside.
The covers pooled around his waist, and he looked down on himself. He was naked. A hand went back to cover his tailbone as he glanced around the room with wide eyes. It was a hotel room. And he was in a double bed, where the covers on both sides were rumpled.
His head throbbed painfully, and as he shifted and felt the pain in his bottom, memories from the night before came back to him. Drinking at a bar in Tokyo's famous gay district, meeting a striking Japanese man dressed in a perfectly tailored suit, and then ... leaving with the man, kissing him, and ... "Oh no," he whimpered. He'd slept with him. And not only that, but he'd bottomed. Was I willing? Did I really sleep with him by my own free will? Or was I ... Armas couldn't even think it.
The sound of the shower registered, and he glanced at the partially closed door leading into the bathroom. Someone was in there, probably the guy from last night. The guy with the black, slanted eyes, who had made love to him so gently ... Definitely willing then, he thought, but that didn't help. Panic rose and he jumped out of bed, not caring about the pain in his back as he scrambled to gather his clothes and get dressed.
He patted his pockets, made sure that he had his wallet, and then left the room. He didn't care that the door slammed after him; the man would know he'd left when he got out of the shower anyway.

I will be giving away one copy of Sakura Kiss to a lucky commenter. All you have to do is comment with a valid e-mail address and your preferred ebook format. The giveaway ends Sunday April 7th, and the winner will be chosen using random.org. The winner will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen.

Thank you so much, T. T. Kove for stopping by. Please don't forget to leave your comment and email address so you can be entered to win your copy of Sakura Kiss! Thank you all for stopping by and good luck!



Karl said...

Thanks for the opportunity to win. I am luck enough to win I would prefer Kindle format (but ePub will do as well).


gigi said...

Loved the blurb! Please count me in. Thanks!!!


Loveless3173 said...

Ooh~ Sounds so interesting.. Please count me in. :D
I'd love the pdf version in case I win~~ lol...
Thanks again!


Jeanette said...

Such an awesome excerpt ! ;)
Would like it in ePub format

Sin Chan said...

Nice excerpt, makes me what to know what's next.
Thanks for the opportunity to win a free ebook. I prefer a PDF format.


Lexi said...

That is interesting, thanks for the opportunity. (e-pub, lexi.sack11@gmail.com)

cecille said...

Oooh... story sounds interesting.

epub format please!

freifallen at yahoo dot com

Amy S. said...

Sounds interesting please include me!!

pdf format if possible if not then epub.

hikaru_424 at yahoo dot com

Sue Adams said...

Please add me to the draw :)


blackcat348 said...

Sounds really interesting!

epub is my prefered format, but pdf works too

blackcat348 @gmail.com

Summer said...

Thank you all for entering to win! The luck winner is Loveless3173! Congrats! You have 48 hours to respond before someone else is selected.

Tune in tomorrow for another giveaway for Less Than Three Press Anniversary blog hop!

TT Kove said...

Thank you all for commenting! I have now drawn a winner on random.org and it was Loveless3173. I will send you an e-mail with your copy shortly. ^__^

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